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Welcome to the Northern Shores of São Paulo
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Barra da Lagoa - A hard to reach but paradisaical place
Caçandoquinha - Starting point of a beautiful trail of ecological interest
Caçandoca - An old cattle ranch
Pulso - A luxury Condo occupies almost the whole beach. Great place for fishing
Maranduba - Complete service and commercial infrastructure
Lagoinha - The remains of Brazil's first glass factory
Bonete and Grande do Bonete - One of the most dazzling routes of the seaside
Fortaleza - Huge boulders form caves and passages at its boundaries
Brava da Fortaleza - A real paradise surrounded by lush vegetation
Dura - An extense beach with serene waters
Domingas Dias - It possesses calm and limpid waters
Lázaro - One of the most beautiful sceneries of the seaside
Sununga - It holds the "Crying Cave", a place of legends and mistery
Sete Fontes - The sands of this paradisaical beach are so fine that they "sing" when kicked
Saco da Ribeira - An overwhelming "Boating" atmosphere, with tours to the Anchieta Island
Ilha Anchieta - Biggest island of Ubatuba. It holds the State Park
Praia do Presídio - Arrival point for the sightseeing touring boats that come to the Anchieta
Praia do Sul - One of the most beautiful beaches of Anchieta Island
Perequê Mirim - Placid waters, excellent for families
Santa Rita - Great for children, calm and cristalline waters
Enseada - Peaceful waters with complete lodging facilities
Toninhas - Small bars and kiosks cater to the place's appraisal by the tourists
Praia Grande - The most frequented beach of Ubatuba. Great for surfing
Itaguá - The "place to be", near downtown
Cais do Porto - ("The pier") Former fishery landing place
Cruzeiro (Iperoig) - The place where José de Anchieta wrote his poem to the Virgin Mary
Prainha do Matarazzo - At his corner the former house of the Matarrazo's
Perequê Açú - Beach frequented by group excursions. Lots of "caipirinhas" and "samba"
Vermelha do Norte - Holds a "Water theme park" with a "water tobbogan"
Itamambuca - Known worldwide for holding world championship surfing contests


Cascata do Ipiranguinha - One of the most beautiful cascades of Ubatuba
Cachoeira do Corrêa - Starting point to other waterfalls in the area
Cachoeira Dois - Another beautiful fall hidden in the forest
Cachoeira da Renata - A real "movie-set" waits for the visitors
Poço Verde - A place where the hue of the water reflects the top of the trees
Água Branca - A place where the water falls down over 80 meters

Beaches | Lodging | Restaurants | Shopping | Services | Maps | History | Sport | Yachting | Legends | Access Roads
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